About Alexis


Alexis Moses Dobbins

Alexis is passionately involved in the need for unmarried parents to engage in positive dialogue in support of their children. In other words, she wants moms and dads to talk to each other, nicely, engage each other, and remember that children deserve a life filled with two parents. Working together. To that end, she coaches both single mothers and non-custodial fathers, giving them tips and tools to make it work.

While pursuing a successful career in broadcast media for more than 15 years, she intuitively knew that she needed to share the lessons learned while rearing her two male children and negotiating the rocky road of dealing with a non-custodial father. Having studied the science of male/female relationships for more than 10 years, she has earned certification from the renowned “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” relationship program and the National Coalition Building Institute. Alexis has an M.S., Adult Education and Leadership with a focus on family education, and received awards for her work on African-American mothers and the impact of their parenting styles on male adolescent academic achievement.

Her book on the subject of parenting-in-absentia, “The Good in Him” will be available soon.

Ms. Dobbins lives in suburban Maryland. She is the mother of two sons, Thomas and Tucker;  her newest love is being Gigi to her granddaughter, Tristen.

Contact points include adobbins@thegoodinhim.org, and her writing site at Writers Helper.


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