I’m Gone’ Have to Kill Him

Overheard last week.

Man A: “Man, my son is tripping. Going home to get his stuff together”.
Man B: “What’s going on?”
Man A: “This little nixxx  is tripping. Coming in late, actin’ like he grown, got too much mouth for a 15 year old.
Man B: “So what you doing? What you saying?”
Man A: “See, I know my son. If I say something, he’s coming back with something and I’m going to have to kill him. So I don’t say nothin’. I’m going home and he don’t know it, but I’m putting him out. Today.” 

If only parenting were that easy. “Putting him out” will achieve what? Law enforcement officials and education policy advisers state that the most effective deterrent in a child’s life is a responsible parent who will take the time to guide and instruct. When a man says to his son, I’m puttin’ you out, especially without any attempt to reframe or redirect negative behavior, what’s the lesson? This young man has now learned that when people are unhappy with you, they throw you out. What example will this child recreate when pushed to the edge?

I had no real relationship with Dad, but I took a deep breath and said, “Maybe you could get someone else to talk to him before you take that step.”

That’s why two parents are so much better than one.


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